The Little Man Computer

S. Chen and W.C. Cudmore

Developed for use with
"The Architecture of Computer Hardware and Software Systems:
An Information Technology Approach"
Second and Third Editions
Irv Englander

The Little Man Computer (LMC) was created by Dr. Stuart Madnick.  The LMC models a simple von Neumann architecture computer, so it has all of the basic features of a modern computer.  The LMC can be programmed in machine or assembly code, and the following simulator will allow you to run your programs.

LMC Simulator Applet
LMC Instructions

LMC Example 1: Input and Output
LMC Example 2: Using Memory
LMC Example 3: Adding and Substracting
LMC Example 4: Making Decisions
LMC Example 5: Looping
LMC Example 6: Full Program

ITEC1000 instructions

Note: In order to run the LMC Simulator Applet, you may need to have the JAVA plug-in installed on your machine.  If you are installing JAVA SDK (for program development), the plug-in should be part of this install (e.g. part of the CD that comes with the textbook).  If you do not need the SDK, the JRE is sufficient to run the applet (and a much smaller download).

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